Our Making Process:


We invite you to take a behind the scenes look at the making process of our handmade ceramic and glass lighting. We are so proud to show you just how much time, care and effort goes into each individual light we sell. Now sit back, relax, pop on your headphones and be taken away by this ever so satisfying video filmed and produced by Angus Ashton Film.

Our Makers:


Our products celebrate Tasmanian craftsmanship, embracing nature's imperfections to create unique, irreplaceable pieces. We aim to craft timeless lights that never go out of style and may one day be archaeological treasures, showcasing the artistry of the 2020s.

Our process involves trusting the skills of our craftspeople, learning from their trial and error, and designing within their capabilities. We strive to create designs that are both repeatable and unique, layering elements to create inviting atmospheres.


At We Ponder, we are proud to collaborate with Ian Clare, whose exceptional talent brings our ceramic lighting designs to life. Tasmanian-born Ian began his journey in ceramics as a young boy, accompanying his potter parents on field trips to gather clay. Trained as an apprentice under Japanese master potter Shigeo Shiga, Ian honed his skills in wedging and throwing clay. Now settled in Cygnet, Tasmania, Ian operates his own studio where his pieces are featured in public and private collections across Tasmania, interstate, and overseas.

Our partnership with Ian is built on a deep appreciation for his craftsmanship and an understanding of his creative process. By fusing We Ponder's design vision with Ian's extensive skill base, we create lighting pieces that are both unique and timeless. Influenced by his parents' experiments with high-fired stoneware, his training with Shiga, and the Tasmanian coastal environment, Ian's work features beautiful forms that complement our designs. Together, we design pieces that respect his artistic limitations, learning from his extensive trial and error. This collaboration exemplifies our belief that good design involves layering elements to create thoughtful, inviting atmospheres.


At We Ponder, we are delighted to collaborate with Keith Dougall, a skilled artist and maker with over 30 years of experience in the glass medium. Keith has created numerous works for exhibition and architectural environments, utilizing a wide variety of techniques, including slumped, fused, cast, blown, hot-formed, and woven glass. His expertise enriches our lighting designs with exquisite handblown glass elements.

Keith's journey in glass artistry led him to Poatina, Tasmania, where he established the Poatina Arts community and a public access glass studio. His work in Poatina includes major public art projects and the creation of Australia’s only mobile glass blowing facility, showcasing his dedication to both his craft and his community.

At We Ponder, it has always been our goal to fuse two handmade products into one functional object. The collaboration with Keith has been a crucial step in this journey. Although it was extremely tricky to make two handmade, imperfect pieces work together seamlessly, the result has been extraordinary. The fusion of ceramic and glass has created not just a light, but a piece of art. Keith's intricate forms complement our designs perfectly, exemplifying the harmonious blend of design and craftsmanship that defines We Ponder.