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Pond Interior

Glass & Ceramic Wall Light | Duo Collection

Introducing We Ponder's latest creation—The Duo Collection, a playful blend of artistry and light. If you're after perfect symmetry or cookie-cutter designs, these might not be your cup of tea. But, if you appreciate charm and the unique touch of human hands, you are in for a treat. An organically shaped ceramic disc handmade by the skilled Ian Clare, paired with a pearl-like opaque glass bulb masterfully blown by Keith Dougall. The lights are designed in Hobart, the ceramics are made in Cygnet, and the glass bulbs are blown in Poatina. This showcases our commitment to authentic, local Tasmanian craftsmanship. A glossy, white, opaque glass bulb, delicately indented and nestled against an artfully hand-shaped ceramic disc. It’s more than just lighting—it’s a celebration of creativity, artistry and the natural beauty of Tasmania. Get ready to bask in the glow of your wall’s new best friend!

Pond is a delicate wall light that features a single folded / upturned edge. This asymmetrical design allows the installer to turn the ceramic disc so the fold is located at any degree they like, forcing the light to be thrown against the wall in different locations. This versatile design means the ceramic disc can be spun at any point throughout the years you have it installed on your wall! The pearl like hand blown bulb celebrates unique bulges, pinches and bubbles, representing the delicate handmade touch each individual bulb goes through during creation. The ceramic disc is dipped in our signature white glaze with a raw clay back. Both components are threaded onto a custom white powder coated (nearly hidden) electrical backplate, housing a G9 LED globe. We can't wait to see not only where, but how you decide to install our Pond wall light!

Please note: This product is currently on pre-order.

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