Our Story


Have you ever looked at a light fixture and thought, "Wow, that's really something special"? That's exactly what we aim to create at We Ponder. Our founder, Rose Kiselev, is an Interior Designer with a passion for bringing custom spaces to life, and she started We Ponder to offer her clients the option to fall in love with Australian handmade lighting products. Since then, we've brightened up hundreds of homes and commercial spaces across Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.  

We're based in Tasmania working with a local ceramicist who is practically a magician when it comes to clay- Ian Clare. Together, we create pieces that honour the tradition of molding clay into functional objects (a practice that dates back 20,000 years!) and reject the idea that lighting has to be boring or follow trends. We believe in creating timeless pieces that will bring joy and inspiration to your space for years to come.


We Ponder products are a celebration of the exceptional skills and dedication of Tasmanian craftspeople. Our designs embrace the inherent imperfections of nature, creating truly unique and irreplaceable pieces that reflect the uniqueness of each individual and their home. Our aim is to create timeless products that will never go out of style or need to be replaced, even after many years. We envision our lights becoming the archeological treasures of the future, discovered in the ruins of a building and displayed in a museum as a testament to the artistry of the 2020s.

Our products are the result of a process that relies on understanding and trusting the skills of our craftspeople, learning from their extensive trial and error, and designing pieces that fall within their limitations. We strive to build on what is already known and create repeatable yet unique designs that challenge the status quo. We believe that good design is all about layering and creating a thoughtful, inviting atmosphere through the placement of objects, art, lighting, and furniture.

Inside The Studio


We invite you to take a glimpse behind the scenes into our ceramic making process! Now sit back, relax, pop on your headphones and be taken away by this ever so satisfying video. Enjoy!

Slate Short Exterior

Slate Short Exterior


Introducing Slate, the most alluring glaze to join the We Ponder Collection. With Slate, we're delving into the realm of deep, moody aesthetics, catering to those who want to embrace raw, natural materials and a darker, more atmospheric ambiance to their space. Taking cues from the designs of Saxon Hall, a distinguished Tasmanian architect renowned for his adept integration of local timbers and captivating darker facades, Slate encapsulates the very essence of his architectural vision. We aimed to craft a glaze that seamlessly complements Tasmania's rugged landscape and the remarkable architecture it inspires. Slate Exterior is the perfect cohesive element for a moodier facade. Slate itself is a captivating dark charcoal nearly black hue, with intriguing variations of mottled copper and chocolate tones, unique to each batch and firing position within the kiln. When bathed in direct sunlight, Slate takes on a subtle shimmer, almost reminiscent of a metallic finish. A custom designed electrical back plate ensures a snug fit against your wall. To maintain uniformity while preserving the unmistakable handmade charm, Slate is slip-cast. Slate Exterior has a closed ceramic top, and is suitable for exterior installation.

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