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Stone Short Interior

Ceramic Wall Light

The tanned sister in our Day collection.

Introducing one of our newest editions to the We Ponder family, the Stone wall light; also known as our naked tanned Day. This meticulously handmade fixture brings warmth and ambiance, enhancing any interior with its soft yet dynamic downward light and compelling silhouette. Constructed from smooth clay, this piece is left unglazed and twice fired to achieve a seamless, sandy hue that emulated the appearance of natural stone.  The lower third features a playful corduroy pattern, expertly carved by hand to add texture to your wall. With a custom back plate designed for near invisibility, this wall light stands out beautifully when added to white walls, or integrates seamlessly with a timber or travertine feature wall. To ensure consistency while celebrating its handmade characteristics, the Stone wall light is slip-cast into a mould.

Please note: This product is currently on pre-order.

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