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Freckles Tall Interior

Ceramic Wall Light

Bring a touch of sunshine to your space with Freckles, a unique ceramic wall light handmade in Tasmania, Australia. This charming light brings a touch of warmth and coziness to any room with its subtle yet dynamic downlight and eye-catching silhouette. Our makers have used a secret formula glaze technique, suspending iron oxide in a low sheen white glaze to create a delightful chemical reaction that gives Freckles its warm and freckled finish, just like it's been kissed by the sun! Mounted on a sleek, nearly invisible back plate, Freckles snuggles uptight to your wall. To maintain consistency whilst preserving the handmade qualities, Freckles Tall is slip cast into a mould. For those who love shorter designs, Freckles is also available in a short version.

Please note: This product is currently on pre-order.

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