Day Short Interior | 137

ODD LOT | Ceramic Wall Light

At We Ponder, our products are individually made by hand which in turn infuses each light with distinct one-of-a-kind charm. Nevertheless, there are instances during the making process where sometimes the handmade qualities shine a little too bright, in other words; are classed as a not so perfect imperfections and have a little too much character. But We Ponder love to celebrate the odd that is in all of us, hence why we have launched - the Odd Lot Shop. Each Odd Lot light has been discounted to a price that reflects the imperfections or marks that don’t pass our standard quality checks.

The Odd Lot lights are still sold with our electrical backplates that are in new condition. The imperfections are solely in the ceramic body and do not impact the electrical functionality or structural integrity.

*Please note, purchasing from the Odd Lot means accepting the item as-is and understanding the light received will have the imperfections photographed and listed below.  All sales are final, with no option for refund or exchange.

HOW IT WORKS: Our Odd Lot inventory is refreshed monthly and each piece is one-of-a-kind. If you see something you like, seize the opportunity before it's gone!

Day Short Interior | 137
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